The main objective of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) is to develop the entrepreneurial and innovation skills of the University of Thessaly students and to provide support for them in undertaking entrepreneurial activities. To this end the IEU implements activities such as: teaching entrepreneurship courses related to entrepreneurship and innovation, securing direct contact with the entrepreneurial community with the help of production and business site visits, the use of well-known entrepreneurs in lectures, seminars and mentoring schemes, as well as supporting student entrepreneurial activities through specialized guides and tools and individual counseling. A mix of modern educational tools is used: team working, speeches by invited - mainly young - entrepreneurs and work with experienced mentors, site visits to innovative businesses, support of student teams through specialized guides and tools and team coaching and hosting of events and competitions. During the program students are expected to organize themselves in teams (simulating a real start-up endeavor) and present their ideas and plans in writing and to defend them in oral presentations (pitching).The activity of IEU is not limited to students, as it supports and offers its services to researchers and research teams, but also to individuals / groups outside the University. The goal is to properly guide individuals / groups who have a business idea in order to proceed commercial exploitation. IEU participates in various European and national programs related to supporting business initiatives. Significant is the know-how that exists in social entrepreneurship as the IEU has participated in various programs related to social entrepreneurship and has supported a significant number of social enterprises during its action.

The IEU consists of three parts, under the coordination of its Scientific Director, which are:

  • Teaching Entrepreneurship Courses
  • Business Plan Assistance
  • Coordination and Management
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